Welcome to this website and thanks for coming here! I am A. R. T. Nugraha, a lazy theoretical physicist and materials scientist from Indonesia. My full name is Ahmad Ridwan Tresna Nugraha, which is quite long, so that I often use author name “Ahmad R. T. Nugraha” or simply “A. R. T. Nugraha”. I spent 11 years in Japan (2008-2019), studying and working on several research topics in condensed matter physics. Since 2019, I’ve been with Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), working as a researcher and civil servant at LIPI Research Center for Physics.

Once upon a time, near Sendai, Japan.

Why “lazy”?

It is not meant to be a humble brag or false modesty. I would rather take it as a motivation to push myself to be efficient at work, in the spirit of the following quotation that is frequently attributed to Bill Gates (although Quote Investigator doubted it):

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

In reality, my working hours just follow what are written in the contract. I rarely come to office on the weekends or holidays unless it is very urgent to do so. Instead, I often procrastinate until the deadline of any kind of work. Nevertheless, I am happy enough with my current scientific outputs as a mediocre researcher.

What you will find in this website

I will randomly put and share anything I want to appear in this website, from serious stuffs (scientific publications, notes, etc.) to personal things like hobbies and opinions. I mainly write in English and Indonesian languages. Additionally, for practicing other languages I have learned in the past, I plan to write in Sundanese (my second native language), Japanese, and Arabic.

Disclaimer (very important to read!)

I use this website as a platform to share my personal thoughts, independent of affiliations. Except for scientific publications, I kindly request the readers, please never associate any article in this website with my former or current affiliations. I am fully responsible for my own writings.


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