Welcome to this site!

Hi! I’m Ahmad Ridwan Tresna Nugraha, a lazy theoretical physicist and materials scientist from Indonesia. I spent approximately 11 years in Japan (2008-2019) as a student, postdoctoral fellow, and assistant professor. Since 2019, I’ve been with the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), working as a researcher and civil servant at LIPI Research Center for Physics.

Why I'm lazy

It is not meant to be a humble brag or false modesty because I do not like to pretend to be either a good researcher or a bad researcher. To emphasize, I am really lazy in my daily life, especially when it comes to any kind of work that does not fit with my idealism of being simple and non-bureaucratic. As a result, I frequently procrastinate and do not meet the deadline. Sorry about that! Nevertheless, I will give my best if it is to serve the public (after all, I am a civil servant, not fully a researcher).

To my students, I honestly would advise you not to be lazy because I understand in general it is not good for your future career, whether you will go into academia or industry. To potential collaborators, I kindly ask you to be patient with me. Depending on the research topics we are exploring together, we might be able to contribute to society as well as getting lost in the jungle. Although some research projects from my former lab were quite well-cited in the literature, most of the papers in my publication list ended up unrecognized.

What you'll find here

On this website, I will randomly share anything that comes into my mind, from serious stuff (related to research) to personal things like hobbies and opinions. I mainly write in English and Indonesian. Additionally, for practicing other languages I have learned in the past, I plan to write in Sundanese (my second native language), Japanese, and Arabic.


I prefer to communicate via my Gmail account:or my official email:
For prospective students, please do not forget to write the email subject. Otherwise, I will not reply to your message at all.


I use this website as a platform to share my personal thoughts, independent of affiliations. In this regard, I  ask the readers to never associate any article on this website with my former or current institutions. Except for the scientific publications, I alone am fully responsible for my own writings.