Welcome to my online home

Brief introduction

Bismillah. Thanks for coming here! I am A. R. T. Nugraha, a lazy theoretical physicist and materials scientist, originating from Bandung, Indonesia. My full name is Ahmad Ridwan Tresna Nugraha, which is quite long. Therefore, in my professional works I mostly use author name “Ahmad R. T. Nugraha” or simply “A. R. T. Nugraha”.

International friends and collaborators usually call me “Nugraha”. However, many friends in Indonesia call me “Ridwan”. I also have several nicknames, such as “MadRid” (abbreviation of ahMadRidwan), “Iid” (only relatives and childhood friends call me like that), and “Abu Royyan” (literally “Father of Royyan”, who is my first son).

Why “lazy”?

It is not really meant to be a humble brag or false modesty. I would rather take it as a motivation to push myself to be efficient at work, in the spirit of the following quotation that is frequently attributed to Bill Gates (although Quote Investigator doubted it):

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

In reality, my working hours just follow what are written in the contract. I rarely come to office on the weekends or holidays unless it is very urgent to do so. Instead, I often procrastinate until the deadline of any kind of work. Nevertheless, I am happy enough with my current scientific outputs as a mediocre researcher.

What you will find in this website

I will randomly put and share anything I want to appear in this website, from serious stuff (scientific publications, notes, etc.) to personal things like hobbies and opinions. I will mainly write in English and Indonesian languages. Additionally, for practicing other languages I have learned in the past, I plan to write in Sundanese (my second native language), Japanese, and Arabic.

Disclaimer (very important to read!)

I mainly use this website as a platform to share my personal thoughts, independent of affiliations. Except for scientific publications, I kindly request the readers, please never associate any article in this website with my former or current affiliations. I am fully responsible for my own writings.


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